my life is not my own….

21 Oct

Lately I have been not consumed yet I can’t find another appropriate word, but concerned about life living change and affecting change. Months now a school mate who passed away from cancer has been on my mind. It has been almost twenty years since she died. Yesterday another school mate posted a video on fb and basically dedicated it to the memory of the same school mate that passed of cancer. Coincidence….I don’t know?

The subject of my last post was “how will I be remembered”, here twenty years later our friend is being remembered, that one post caused others to comment and remember her.

This morning I am extremely grateful and to say I don’t know why would be…..*shrugs shoulders*…..I do know. Life! It brought me to tears at the mercy and grace bestowed on my life. I am concerned about not wasting it. Everybody has regrets, but living when we have life should not be one of them.

I asked myself “would I want to find out if I had cancer, would I want to know” knowing would require a response, it would require action and because my life is not my own, there are a few that need me to be around for as long as possible. So would I not owe it to them and myself to do all in my power to ensure I fight and not give up?

Why go looking for something that’s not showing any signs and symptoms? If the master wanted you to know he would make you see something right? Do you also know that he gave us intuition……stop looking for signs and use what is before you. It might not be a spectacular or miraculous display of signs. Too often we forget and ignore that still small voice…..

Until next time……


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Posted by on October 21, 2011 in Daily Post, Experience/Feelings, Random


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