would that everyday was “new years eve”….

08 Jan

What is it about the 31st of December that gets everyone so excited they stay up or wake up to count down seconds to the dropping of a ball.

Or reverses the three hundred and sixty four (364) days of the self induced amnesia of friends who only remembers you’re friends on December 31st, who, filled with remorse calls and wishes you a happy healthy and prosperous new year, as part of their commitment to be a better person aka “new years resolution”, and then falls right back into their self induced amnesia as soon as the receiver hits the base.

Is January 1st, signifying the start of a new year more portent, than the start of any other day, 365 of which comprises an entire year.

Could it be that mythical mix of emotion, and palpable expectation that all our screw ups, heartbreaks, disappointments and failures will be lumped into “last year’s mistakes”. Hinging on the hope that next year will be different we await the count down, the ball drop, the fire works and angelic harmony of “Auld Lang Syne” holding hands, joining hearts and hugs.

The whole meaning behind of the “Auld Lang Syne” New years eve song, is old friends whose life have taken them in different direction, meeting again sharing a drink; celebrating the friendship, recalling all they had endured as friends.

These days New years eve celebrations have become a money making extravaganza where some friends scheme together to throw a party; charge both their old and new friends anywhere from $75 to $270 dollars to come ring in the new year with them . They stock a bar, set a theme, hand out some ninety-nine cents party favors, and offer a few miniature bite-size party food they call “hors d’oeuvres”.

So there you are at this fancy party where all the socialites you aspire to befriend are in full attendance. Walking on their coat tails you scope the place like a peacock in heat, with your fake laugh and plastic grin as you strolled right pass the old friend with whom mere hours ago you called up to bid best wishes for the new year with vows of getting together more often…..

Would that every day was new years eve.

Until next time…….


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Posted by on January 8, 2012 in Daily Post, Experience/Feelings


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