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BL_2012 #2 Take a cruise

My sister has become “cruise-a-nista”, she has always been a lover of traveling….getting a plane and just go….

A few years ago she was invited on a cruise vacation by one of her closest friends. Since then she has been on a cruise every opportunity she gets. She would boast the her paparazzi pics of every port and on board function the ship organized.

Of course she’s encouraged me many times to try it, but I can’t seem to get the “Titanic” image from my mind. Today as I sat at a boardwalk cafe enjoying a “pannini” amidst the hustle and chatter of the many tourist who docked at Nevis St. Pier; taking in the majestic presence of the floating hotels (aka cruise ships) docked on the pier I couldn’t help but wonder what it felt like being a tourist.

To be greeted by the smiling bartender; who allowed me to take his picture on the condition I did not show it to the FBI because he’s a wanted man. For as he puts it, his body is wanted by every woman worldwide.

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What do you really “want” ?

Do you know?

I must confess I do not always know what I want; sometimes I ask myself the question and the response most time is “nothing”.  Now that’s not really true is it?  Have you ever heard of “dreams deferred”; no worries its just the word ‘dreams’ with deferred at the end of it.  Deep!….yes I know 🙂

Anywhoz….its like this – you have plans, hope, desires, needs and all those little big things that keep us humans always wanting and never satisfied, especially ‘us’ ladies.  Some of us have a laundry list of what we are looking for or desire in a man/companion and we are so damn adamant that we will not stray, or deviate from our pristine list of “impossible qualities”.(Qualities we ourselves do not possess, and here I stress do not.)  Oft we think we do because we have built up in our heads a utopian personality that is not even a third of what/how  we really are!

Girls be honest you know what I’m talking about… your head you can distinctly remember when in highschool you could eat anything and not gain one pound; your physique allowed you to wear almost anything.  Fast forward five ten years…….work, hectic lifestyle; late night drinking binges; and any food of choice.  Reluctantly you admit to yourself that you have gained a pound or two, but soon faced with the truth when you try on an outfit which on the rack looked like your perfect size; get into the dressing room and the vision in your mind is at war with the vision in the mirror.  Despite the fact that the outfit you are trying on confers with what the mirror is beging to argue with the designer in your head that they are cutting the sizes too small these days; you remembered when you slid on a size six (6) pair of jeans with room to spare……and now the size eight (8) refuses to pass your hips.

Just like the vision in the mirror….reality begins to bite as the months turn into years without any prospective or even remotely promising “Mr. Right”, and you struggle to understand where and why have you not found anyone with at least five (5) of the qualities on your laundry list….hmmm do we even need to go there.

What I have come to realize as I continue to live life is that nothing ever goes completely according to plan, there is always some glitch, some bump in the road on a mapped out journey.  Its like the more I plan the more the route/path/outcome changes, most times the outcome is beyond my highest expectation and at others its disappointing but workable.

The key is to remain flexible because if life was fixed; if each path was already mapped out precisely on time (punto!!!) what would be the joy of living.  God could have made it so we had no choice, but He gave us a unique gift “free will” to choose whatever path we desire.  So why look the gift horse in the mouth and say>>>no-no that’s not what I want, it must have this, and this, and this…….!!

Always expect the unexpected, enjoy your disappointments, revel in your misfortunes, embrace your shortcomings and most of all smile, and appreciate the little things, take advantage of every opportunity to share, assist, and encourage those less fortunate, never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever doubt yourself or your abilities.  All you need to succeed has been placed within you by your Creator and that is all you really need.

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Are you “alive” or “living”

At some point we all ponder death; we ponder the unknown.  So many gods, so many path ways, so many beliefs ……who’s right and who’s wrong?

Have you ever wondered…what if ?  Have you ever pondered your death?

When someone close to you dies it causes you to remember your mortality.  You make conscious or subconscious selections of how you would prefer to die….as if you could choose.

It’s not my intention to get all gothic or religious neither to delve into the various beliefs, sects or cults out there.  The bible reads that “it is appointed unto man once to die” so we are assured that death is inevitable, unavoidable, inescapable we can’t buy or pray our way out of it.  My aim is to not be content with just being alive but living…

I once heard this line in a movie “if you are not living you are not alive”

Are you afraid of dying?

I am more afraid of dying without having accomplished my purpose…and fulfilling my dreams.

Join me on the journey of living…

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