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In search of the “pause” button….

Its been one of those seasons; you know when everything seems to just roll into each other……..time, days, deadlines. Wake up Monday go to sleep and its Sunday only to fall asleep and wake up to Monday again.  Its like walking down a bustling path during early morning rush hour, heads bobbing up and down; everybody heading in the same direction where for the next thirty to forty-five minutes the only thing they knowingly had in common was their mode of transportation.   Self-imposed deadline and time frames; never-ending to do lists; giving forty of my best hours every week to the 9 to 5.

Sleep comes in spades or not at all; the television and the internet becomes the lullaby that rocks me to sleep; forcibly closing my eyes only to have images and thoughts running a marathon in my head. Reminding myself to remember……schedules to keep; reports to complete; presentations to prepare; meetings to attend; and still after the 9 to 5 I must wear a different cap and become mommy, sister, friend with meals to prepare, conversations to entertain, home work to oversee, and house to keep, weekend outings and movie dates with the love of my life 🙂 for whom I do all this for.  At least that’s what I keep telling myself ………..when what I really need to do is slow the ‘flow’ down…………………..

I don’t need a playback or a rewind….. I just need a pause……:)


Until next time……..



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