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“Dinner ……. served differently”

Variety is the spice of life, funny thing is LIFE often gets in the way of living.  It’s so easy to fall into a mundane routine of day-to-day activities that always seem so highly important and time-consuming; we convince ourselves that we are actually living, when we are merely existing.

So this evening I dragged myself out from my mental deception of living; got all “gussied” up / left the house / physically got into my car and drove to the city. The final destination was an “open mic” expressions poetry/spoken word event of which the main feature was the viewing of a “short film” written/performed by a very talented sister-friend. Nugget: “Friends are few and far between for me; I don’t make friends easily but once I befriend; you will have a friend for life. I don’t follow the crowd or do something because its popular; I am as real as real is; I can’t fake it til I make it (to my own detriment in some situations)”

Now this sister-friend is extremely talented and real… to say she have balls would be an insult because those thing are so dam sensitive! Nah this sister-friend has a “vagina” or as I tell my lil one ” a va-j-jay” 🙂 🙂 . to paraphrase Betty White “who needs balls they are too sensitive, grow a vagina because those things can take a pounding.”  The title of my sister-friend’s short film is “Dinner” and although there were shots of food cooking on a stove; the meal served could be eaten but not chewed or digested.  I thoroughly enjoyed every short second of it and the entertainment that followed after.

The down side of the evening was it left me hungry for “dinner” and magnified the harsh reality that the only chef I wanted to serve me, was miles over many a waters…..and that dinner was a meal that can not be cooked or served on skype. 😦

Kudos Meka girl… rock sweetie!!!!


Until next time……



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The New adventures of the “Old” Me

When I started this blog it was to vent as I experienced life being a woman……a single woman who is also a  single parent.  I deliberately struck our the word  single from parent because “single parent” in that sense simply means parenting without the presence or assistance of the child/dren’s father.  Although I would fall into that category, I am by no means a “single” parent, as I am not alone in the rearing of my child.  She has aunts, uncles, great aunts, great uncles, grandfather, cousins and god parents who all in some small way have a part in shaping her life.

Now back to the reason I started the blog……yea it was to vent, but as I went along I realized it also served as an outlet for me to talk about real issues I encountered through life on a daily basis.  Sharing them with all on the world-wide web for readers who would grace my blog and hopefully encourage or connect to others with similar experiences and hearing how they coped or dealt with their issues.

Somewhere along the line I got caught up in the blog-a-sphere of adding pictures to attract readers, as if to capture the attention of a child with pictures, then I remembered that some of the best books had only words – no gimmicks, no tricks….just words.

Growing up I have always heard … you are just different, bold, daring, carefree, wild, crazy, sassy….no nonsense….dont give a dam….what others thought or said never fazed me (it still doesnt), ….this was my personality it took no effort on my part it was just who I am….yet somewhere in this play called “Life” I lost my mojo…exactly what scene or which act did I lose it….*shrugs shoulders* I havent a clue.  My sister on the other hand would tell you it all went in Act II, Scene I…….    i.e. when I became “mommy”.

Last month I registered with a gym all in an effort to “bring sexy ME back” basically to discard of at least 25 – 30 pounds of excess and unnecessary  weight.  I have been asked where do I plan to lose it from………but she who carries it knows it……eh!

So I’m at the gym one day and an equipment that I wanted to utilize….was not being used but had a congregation of stragglers leaning on it and using it as a towel rack.   Now the “old” me would have put them in their place and demanded use of the machine, but being the fragile flower I had become I strolled over to the owner (a long time friend….whom I have known for years) and registered a complaint.   His eyes popped open followed by his mouth and at my expense he had himself a good laugh…….then he said…”so ask them to move!”

Me: who me?….thall me nah able….

His reply was a mixture of disbelief and shock…he looked me up and down and asked who are you and what have you done to my “old” friend …who would have strolled over and asked them …….no, no demanded they moved so she could use the machine; who is this person in front of me?  What happened to that bold daring girl?…What happened to you?  In a comical gesture he looked me over again with the question still written all over his face.

Of course by then we were both laughing and I responded……boy it must be old age or as my sister would tell me…..having that child like it turned me stupid, docile.  She too wondered where her bold,daring carefree sister had disappeared to.

So now inspired by one of my new ‘fav’ sitcoms….”New adventures of old Christine”…….I have embarked on an adventure of my own…of course it’s called “The new adventures of the old me”……Im going to get my mojo back……

Until next time



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